Scheduling Process

  • The master schedule is developed based upon the course selections made by students in February and March.  There is always the possibility that a certain class will not be available due to heavy demand.  A class may not run when an insufficient number of students elect a subject.  Any changes in course selections after that time will decrease the effectiveness of the master schedule.  For this reason, changes in course requests will not be permitted after the last Friday in May. 


    • Any requests for a schedule change from one subject to another must be made by the second Friday in July.  Although guidance counselors do not work daily in the summer, requests must be submitted (postdated/ time stamped) prior to the deadline.  After the second Friday in July only schedule changes which involve a change in the designated level will be permitted.  



    • DROP/ADD PERIOD - There will be a drop/add period the first two cycles (twelve school days).   Requests for schedule changes must be approved by the student's parents/guardians.  After this date, only level change requests will be considered.



    • LEVEL CHANGES - After the drop/add period, students cannot request a level change until the end of the first interim period (mid-October).  Requests for level changes must have parent/guardian approval, current teacher approval, and must be approved by an administrator.  Level change requests can be made from the end of the first interim through the end of the first cycle (six days) of second marking period.