Cherry Hill School Age Child Care (SACC) FAQ

  • What are the times of SACC?

    SACC runs in the morning from 7:00am until the start of school and in the afternoon beginning at 3:30pm until 6:00pm. Registered SACC students may only attend the program on the days they are physically in the building.

    Will my child be able to eat snack at SACC?

    Yes, your child will be able to eat snack during PM SACC. All students are bring bag snack to SACC on their scheduled day. This includes plastic ware (if needed), napkins, etc. 

    Will my child be able to eat breakfast at SACC?

    Yes,your child will be able to eat breakfast during AM SACC.   All students are able to bring bag breakfast to SACC on their scheduled day.  This includes plastic ware (if needed), napkins, etc. 

    What will my child do during SACC?

    Student will have their own materials to include pencils, crayons, a glue stick, etc. Activities will include individualized crafts, non-contact games, individual reading and contact free activtiies with peers.

    Does my child need anything for SACC?

    We are recommending each students bring a beach towel and a hat to keep in their backpack. This will allow for the staff to bring the students outside to sit and do an activitiy or sit on the floor inside to play a game, etc.

    What do I need when dropping off or picking up my child?

    When picking up or dropping off your child, you must wear a mask. You will be greeted at the door and you must have your child's seven digit student identification number as well as photo identification. At PM Pick-up, staff will bring your child to you. We ask that you remain outside and give your child a few mintues tranisition time.

  • Cherry Hill School-Age
    Child Care and STEP

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    SACC & STEP Program
    Melissa Conklin
    SACC / STEP Coordinator

    Nicole Gilbert
    SACC / STEP Assistant Coordinator

    Mindy Kegel
    Coordinator of Student Accounts
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