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Benjamin Rood

Dr. Ben Rood, Ph.D. is an educator, scientist, and proud dad of two current Cherry Hill students. He was driven to run for Board of Education by a hope to make things better for his two kids, Sophie and Aiden, and their peers.

As an educator who’s taught at the collegiate level, Dr. Rood brings a unique perspective to education policy that comes from having led a classroom and screened applicants for advanced degrees. As the husband of a preschool teacher and father to a middle schooler and a high schooler, he understands the unique challenges present at every level of education.

Dr. Rood has spent over a decade as an academic research scientist, having earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience at the University of Massachusetts in 2010 before going on to serve in various academic and research-focused roles. As a postdoctoral fellow at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and an Instructor at Harvard Medical School, he studied the neurological basis of social behavior. In 2018, he settled here in Cherry Hill as an Assistant Professor at Rowan University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine. This background has driven Dr. Rood to center his campaign around the values of transparency, integrity, and progress, and to articulate clear policy proposals backed up by science and evidence. In June 2021, Dr. Rood released his “platform for progress,” a compilation of detailed proposals to move education forward in Cherry Hill.

As a strong believer in transparency and communities working together, Dr. Rood has committed to consistently engaging with community members as a Board member, including through maintaining a public website and holding a town hall meeting with constituents every month. As a member of the Board, Dr. Rood will work to unite Cherry Hill’s students, families, educators, and residents in a common pursuit of educational excellence throughout the Cherry Hill school system.

Committee Appointments: Strategic Planning (Chair); Curriculum & Instruction

Term expires: 2024