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Rent a Pro Instrument

  • Guarantee a great start and continued learning with a pro level instrument!

    We recommend that you rent your instrument for the full school year as well as throughout the summer and continue to rent as long as your child is developing and enjoying playing the instrument.  Continued rental payments are usually applied to a discounted purchase price when nearing Middle school.  If you close your rental contract and start a new one, you are losing your rental payments and effectively starting over.  It's best to continue to rent and consider joining the summer music program in Cherry Hill.

    There are three companies that you can choose to use for rental.

    Make sure to select the option to purchase a Book as this is required for our lesson.

    You can choose to have your instrument delivered to either the school or your home.

    We recommend that any student who is new to their instrument please send the instrument to the school so that we can assist with instruction on how to handle the instrument properly.  There are videos on proper instrument care and maintenance available online as well.  This is to help avoid accidental damage due to common mistakes and mistreatment.

Strings Only!

  • String Instruments need to be sized appropriately for you!​

    It is important that you Rent or Obtain the correct sized instrument!

    One of the biggest reasons that we recommend renting vs. purchasing is that as the student grows, the instrument needs to grow with them! 

    You will not find high school students playing on the instrument that they started on in 4th grade.  The scaled size of the instrument changes as the student grows along the way. 

    Please click HERE for details on how to measure and determine the correct size instrument for you!


    We highly recommend a shoulder rest for all violin and viola students. Be sure to match the size of the rest to the size of the instrument that you rented.