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  • East COVID Remote learning Protocol

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    East COVID Remote learning Protocol will include the following steps- 

    1. Families will complete the following Form
      1. Remote Request Form
    2. Grade level offices will process these requests within 24 hours and send the activation notification out to families
    3. Teachers will have up to an additional two days to prepare for remote instruction and activate the Google Meet link
      1. This Meet link should appear at the top of a teacher’s Classroom but alternative procedures may be sent out by the instructor
    4. Should a teacher be absent for an extended period of time, your child will be provided asynchronous assignments


    *Please note- all families that have not received a response from the nurses’ office should complete the form above.


    Further information can be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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  • Cherry Hill East Bell Schedule 2021-22

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    Bell Schedule

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  • Temporary Remote Learning - COVID Related

    The Cherry Hill Public Schools' "The Road Forward - Continuity of Learning Guide 2021-2022" has been updated to expand the qualifications for temporary remote learning for students.

    Temporary remote learning will be available for students in grades Pre-K-12 for any COVID-related issue including but not limited to the following:

    • Students identified as close contacts
    • Students awaiting access to a COVID test
    • Students awaiting COVID testing results
    • Students quarantining due to travel
    • Students who have self-screened at home and are experiencing symptoms as specified on the COVID-19 At-Home Screening Checklist 
    • Students exposed to a COVID positive relative

    These students will have access to live remote learning. Each school will have a process for sharing assignments with these students and/or login information if attending classes via livestream. There will be a waiting period of 1-3 days (depending on the school/class) to begin live temporary remote learning so that teachers can properly prepare for students to join their classes remotely. If the classroom teacher is absent for an extended period of time and a substitute is covering the class, students will engage in asynchronous learning posted to the Google classroom.

    Temporary live remote learning will not be available for students who are absent/home sick for non-COVID reasons


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