• 1. What time does school start?

    School starts at 9:00 AM. AM Kindergarten starts at 9 AM and PM Kindergarten starts at 1:00 PM. Students should be at school no earlier than 8:45 unless they are attending an activity or eating breakfast. Students arriving after 9:00 will be counted tardy and should report to the office. Tardiness is considered an interruption of the learning process, not only to the child who is late, but also to the other students in the classroom. Students should understand the importance of being on time. Each tardy is recorded on the student's attendance record.

    2. What time is dismissal?

    Dismissal for grades 1-5 is at 3:30 PM. AM Kindergarten is from 9-11:30 AM. PM Kindergarten is from 1-3:30 PM. Busers are dismissed when their buses are called. Please contact your child's teacher for additional information such as the best place to meet your child.

    3. How do I contact the school/teacher?

    You may call the school at 856-667-0986 at any time during the hours of 8:00-4:00. If you wish to speak to your child's teacher you may leave a message and he/she can return your call. You also may send an email. All staff members have a web page or eBoard. The links are on the Staff page.

    4. What do I need to do if my child has to miss a day of school?

    If you know ahead of time that your child will be absent, please send a note to your child's teacher as to the day and reason. If it's an unplanned absence such as an illness, please call the school and let the office staff know.

    5. What if I need to come to the school?

    You may visit the school at any time. Visitors must use the bell, and be buzzed in by the office. All visitors must sign in, and be issued a visitors pass if they are going to a classroom.

    6. What do I need to do if there is a change in my child's transportation to or from school?

    Please send a note to your child's teacher to inform him/her of any change in your child's transportation.

    7. Who do I contact for PTA information?

    You may contact the school at 667-0986 or send in a note with your child. Check out the PTA website for more information.

    8. How do I add money to my child's lunch account or contact the cafeteria?

    Your child may buy lunch by the day, or you may send in money at any time to be put in your child's account. Click here for more information. All children have a PIN number which they may use to access their account. You may call the office or send in a note with your child to contact Food Service, or you may visit their web site.

    9. How may I use my computer to contact the school?

    You will find a lot of information on our Kingston web page. You may go to the staff page for email links. All teachers actively check and use their email. All teachers either have eBoards or web pages.

    10. How can I get homework for my child if he or she is absent?

    Please call the school before noon and advise them if you would like the homework sent home with another student, or if you will pick it up. This will give your child's teacher enough time to gather the work and send it to the office.

    11. What can I do for my child's birthday?

    Please contact your child's teacher on classroom policies. Items may be dropped off at the office, and your child will be notified.

    12. We are going away for vacation. Will I be able to get homework?

    Please contact your child's teacher on classroom policies.

    13. How can I make sure my child gets his/her medicine?

    Please contact the school nurse for policy. All medicine must be handled by the nurse's office during school hours. Any medicine sent in with your child should immediately be taken to the nurse.

    14. How can I find out if school is closed?

    Our school closing number is 551. You can check :

    the KYW web site

    Cable channel 19

    the Cherry Hill web site

    watch TV channels 3,6, or 10

    listen to KYW radio AM 1060

    Please do not call the school.

    15. What should I do when I want to pick up my child early?

    Write a note to the teacher or main office including the student's name and signature of parent with the time of dismissal. If someone other than a parent is going to pick up your child, please include that information in your note. Go to the main office, and they will call your child's classroom for dismissal. You should also report to the office if you are picking up your child due to illness.

    16. My child forgot their homework, lunch etc. at home and I need to bring it to the school. Can I go directly to the classroom and drop it off?

    No. All forgotten items must be left in the main office. They will notify your child that he or she has a delivery in the main office.

    17. I have signed up to volunteer for an activity in my child's classroom. What procedure should I follow when I arrive at the school?

    You must sign in at the main office and receive a visitor's pass.

    18. How can I find out about Kindergarten Procedures?

    Check out the Kindergarten eboard or contact your child's teacher.

    19. What time do students eat lunch and have recess? (effective March, 2009)

    Grades: 4-5 Lunch: 12:00-12:25 Recess: 12:25-12:50

    Grades: 1-3 Lunch: 12:25-12:50 Recess: 12:00-12:25

    Individual teachers may schedule other recess times.

    20. Where is Lost and Found?

    Lost and Found is located in the stairway next to the stage. You may check with the office for assistance.

    21. Do you have before or after school care?

    Yes! SACC (School Age Child Care) is located in Kingston and other Cherry Hill Elementary Schools. Visit their web site for information.

    22. Where should I drop off my child?

    You may drop off students along Kingston Drive. About 8:40-9:00 and 3:30-3:40, cones will block the entrance to the Staff Parking Lot and the U-driveway in front of the school. Please make sure to watch your children if you are dropping them off near traffic until they are safely on school grounds. After 9:00 AM and after 3:45 PM you may stop in front of the school.

    23. Where should my child line up?

    First, Second, and Third Graders should line up by the side of the school where the tennis courts are. Fourth and Fifth Graders line up in the back of the school outside. Kindergartners line line up by their classroom door. If the weather is bad, students will be directed to come into the school and wait by their classroom doors. Busers will be directed where to go. Educational Assistants are present after 8:30 AM to help and supervise students until they enter the school. After 9:00 AM the doors are locked and everyone must report to the office. Parents and other family members should not enter the school with their children when the classroom teachers comes to pick up classes. For security reasons all visitors need to report to the office! Students should be IN LINE by 8:55 AM.

    24. What is a delayed opening?

    On occasion there may be a DELAYED OPENING. This means everything will be 2 hours later, including buses and arrival times. Remember in bad weather buses may run a little late. Lunch will be served as usual, but will only be for 30 minutes and there will be no recess. School hours will be 11:00-3:30. Anything scheduled for 11:00 or later (such as a specials) will still continue. Anything before 11:00 will usually be cancelled, although sometimes things can be rescheduled. Delayed openings (2-hour delay) will be broadcast just like a school closing (See question 14).