Board of Education Goals

  • We shall provide all children with an education that develops open-minded thinkers with the strong academic and interpersonal skills to thrive in an ever-changing world and make it a better place for all.

    During the 2020-2021 academic year, the following measurable actions will be assessed:
    Student Wellness

    1. Implementation of evidence-based social emotional learning programming and practices, PreK-12.
      1. Establish a district wide Student Wellness Committee with representation from each school.
      2. Develop and launch a Student Wellness tab on the Cherry Hill Public Schools website that highlights the social emotional learning core competencies, wellness, and relational strategies.

    2. Promote shared ethical and performance values visibly and comprehensively for students and staff through the district’s Cultural Proficiency, Equity and Character Education Work.
      1. Develop and adopt an anti-racist policy.
        1. Analyze related information regarding discipline, student placement, and student performance outcomes.

    Purpose & Passion

    1. Adopt a comprehensive set of student learning outcomes that are used to determine the effectiveness of the academic program, PreK-12.
      1. Review data driven and research-based school action plans, that are specific, measurable, attainable, results oriented and time bound, that build on demonstrated success.
      2. Analyze multiple student learning outcomes to determine the effectiveness of the academic program, defining success, to include:
        1. Traditional assessments
        2. Non-traditional assessments

    2. Monitor the Blueprint for Student Success, with a focus upon:
      1. The WE Return to Learn Plan, including:
        1.  Implementation of the hybrid model of schooling
        2. Implementation of the full remote model of schooling

    3. Create, share, and document opportunities at the school and district level for Student Voice.

    4. Analyze hiring practices and outcomes in diversifying the certificated staff.

    5. Create an actionable plan to develop a bond referendum.
      1. Develop and publish a time frame for a bond vote.
      2. Complete an analysis of the current physical structures within the district.
      3. Identify projects to be included in the bond referendum.
      4. Provide the opportunity for two-way communication between the Board of Education and stakeholder groups, including:
        1. Students
        2. Faculty Staff
        3. Community members

    Connecting Beyond Our Classrooms

    1. Create a survey of current practices being utilized in our 19 schools for connecting beyond the classroom.
      1. Analyze and publish the survey results.
      2. Identify connections to existing content areas including mathematics, science, language arts, technology, languages, humanities, health and physical education and the arts.

    2. Identify pre-existing partnerships and experiences, in our 19 schools, and seek to establish new ones, including:
      1. Service learning, career readiness, guest speakers, externships, field trips, virtual experiences, and online learning.

    3. Identify and analyze any resources, opportunities, or experiences that faculty, families, and students would like to see offered to the students in Cherry Hill.

    4. Measure the effectiveness of the dissemination of information.
      1. At the school level
      2. At the district level

    5. Analyze budgeting practices and allocation of funds as related to this goal, to make recommendations for future budget cycles.

    Board Approved: October 27, 2020