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  • Contact your school SEPAG representative via e-mail link with any thoughts or ideas regarding the key takeaways and/or future meeting topics.

    Three takeaways from the November 25, 2019 meeting:

    1. Ways to get information out that SEPAG vacancies need to be filled
    2. Discussion of the creation of a Facebook group
    3. Accessibility for parents on where to access the list of special class programs in district

    Three takeaways from the January 13, 2020 meeting:

    1. Working on plan for first readings in the policy and legislation committee to accommodate special needs students
    2. Designing effective communication strategies through social media to help inform and educate parents of children with special needs within our district
    3. Collecting information and best practice protocols to educate and inform district families on proper transition meetings that result in a move of school.  For example, pre-elementary to elementary program; elementary to middle program; middle to high school program

    Future topics for upcoming meetings:

    1. Creating bylaws to sustain the Cherry Hill SEPAG
    2. Discussing culturally diverse special needs populations

    A. Russell Knight Elementary - Sara Console

    Alternative High School - Jennifer Naddeo

    Barclay Early Childhood Center - Vacant

    Bret Harte Elementary - Meredith Levin/Christina Hobbs

    Cherry Hill High School East - Vacant

    Cherry Hill High School West - Vacant

    Clara Barton Elementary - Nykea Owens

    Henry C. Beck Middle School - Brandon McGee

    Horace Mann Elementary - Vacant

    J.F. Cooper Elementary - Lisa Rosenberg

    James Johnson Elementary - Janel Manella

    John A. Carusi Middle School - Sarah Milligan

    Joseph D. Sharp Elementary - Brian Francis

    Joyce Kilmer Elementary - Vacant

    Kingston Elementary - Vacant

    Out of District - Jennifer Naddeo

    Richard Stockton Elementary - Vacant

    Rosa International Middle School - Rafael Nahra/Stacey Damkohler

    Thomas Paine Elementary - Vacant

    Woodcrest Elementary - Vacant