• A relatively recent invention (1840) compared to the other instruments, the saxophone combines the single reed of the clarinet and the metal body of the brass instruments. Its mellow sounds blend well with both woodwinds or brasses. The saxophone is an important member of the jazz band. Saxophones must be rented or purchased from a music company. Students who are double jointed are NOT good candidates for saxophone. Enrollment is limited, and we have a lottery system to decide who gets to play this instrument.

    The alto saxophone gives the impression of being both a brass AND woodwind instrument, however it is indeed considered a woodwind instrument. The alto saxophone (which uses a single reed like the clarinet) is a very popular instrument like flute and only a few students will be chosen to play it.
    Physical Characteristics
    Since the balance of the saxophone is maintained by the use of a neck strap, it is extremely important that students be able to sit up completely straight when asked to.
    Other Considerations
    Saxophone players are responsible for maintaining a working stock of 3-4 quality reeds. Alto Saxophone students will have the opportunity after their first year of instruction to audition for Tenor Sax or Baritone Sax (based on their proven musical and behavioral abilities while in alto saxophone class).

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