• The trumpet, with its high-pitched brilliant tone, is the leader of the brass family. A trumpet player can produce all the notes of the scale by pressing the valves and changing the lip vibration speed. The best trumpet players tend to have smaller sized lips, but this is not a rule. The trumpet is an important member of the jazz band. Must be rented /purchased.

    The trumpet is the smallest member of the brass family. The sound on trumpet is produced by buzzing into a small mouthpiece. 

    Physical Characteristics
    While orthodontia is somewhat troublesome at first to a trumpet player, it is not impossible to make good sounds with braces. A slight overbite is okay, but an underbite can severely hinder progress on cornet / trumpet.  Cornet / trumpet players come in all shapes and sizes.
    Other Considerations
    Trumpet parts usually have the melody (recognizable) part, therefore students who
    choose and are selected for trumpet should exhibit a confident demeanor, strong personality, and demonstrate a high level of self-motivation.

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