• Like a mini-tuba, the euphonium plays the same notes as the trombone, but has a rounder, more mellow sound. Due to its valves, it can play faster passages of music with more smoothness and ease. Instruments are provided by the school, but with limited availability.

    The euphonium (you-PHONE-knee-yum) is sometimes known as the baritone. It is a member of the brass family and looks like a small version of a tuba. Its sound is similar to that of a trombone, but it uses
    valves like a trumpet instead of a slide (like trombone).

    Physical Characteristics
    Euphonium players should have moderately full lips, but not too full. A SLIGHT overbite is okay, but an underbite would hinder a good sound. The euphonium requires a medium-sized hand span to reach the valves and students should have an above average lung capacity.
    Other Considerations
    Students with an above average amount of orthodontia will find the mouthpiece of the
    euphonium a bit more comfortable than trumpet or French horn. Students are required to purchase their own mouthpieces.


Demo Videos