• The percussion section of the band keeps the beat, builds excitement and adds color to the band. A percussionist does not just play drums; he/she plays bells, xylophone, timpani, cymbals, triangle, and many other instruments. Each member of the percussion section must work to create the aural illusion of one giant percussion instrument. A 4th grade Percussion Kit must be rented or purchased from a music company. It consists of a Practice Pad, Snare Drum, Bells, stands for both as well as sticks and mallets. Enrollment can be limited, so you'll want to register sooner rather than later! 

    Just because you are always tapping on things does not mean you are a natural percussionist (drummer). In fact, the percussion section is the most select, hand-picked section of the band. Students with high academic standards, lowest discipline problems, backgrounds in piano lessons, and extremely high gross and fine motor skills will be considered for percussion.
    Physical Characteristics
    Students should exhibit a great deal of coordination in gross and fine motor skills.

    Other Considerations
    The study of percussion includes bells, xylophone, marimba, triangle, tambourine, maracas, claves, among many other instruments. Private Lessons for percussion are strongly encouraged due to the nature of the instrument group and the amount of material that needs to be covered.

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